Top Office Programs

For every office program, there seems to be a slightly different or free version from a different manufacturer, upgrade options with more features, different graphics and so on. All of these programs also have subtle differences that tend to make them ideal for one population or another, making it hard to choose the perfect new program.

These top rated office programs provide something for every person or business, no matter how big or small. Take the guesswork out of the perfect program with this list of most popular products on the market today.

Microsoft Office 365

This elaborate program has reMicrosoft office building mained at the top of the list for years. 365 offers all of the features needed for business presentations, communication, publishing and
making word documents.

The graphics remain unrivaled by most competitors, and different packages of the 365 version are available for different needs. For example, a student package consists of features primarily used by college and high school students, such as Word and PowerPoint.

On the downside, support staff can be a bit slow or unreachable. When this product began to grow at an astronomical rate, the support team members simply had a difficult time keeping up, and sometimes they still do. To make the most of this program, users may want to consider an outside IT specialist in the even they cannot fix issues through the support team.

Word Perfect

This once popular word program is not bad either. It has many of the same gDocument reat features, such as allowing users to create presentations and spreadsheets. Word Perfect also allows users to create their PDF forms that can be filled out. Users rave about the convenience of the reveal codes for publishing purposes. Support forums are frequently used to address common issues.

The primary downside is that the graphics appear outdated. For example, when creating a presentation, users will not receive the same glorious options that they will with Office 365, but users that are in search of a program for publishing purchases often prefer Word Perfect.

Apache Open Office

This program by Apache remains popular due to its free price. It allows users to create presentations and word documents and is compatible with a variety of formats. Users can easily save documents as DOCX file, and open files of the same kind. This is the one area where Apache has managed to beat Microsoft.

Unfortunately, this free program does tend to lag a bit more than Microsoft’s, and has a few more quirks, making it less than ideal for individuals that lack the patience to deal with a little bit of lagging here and there. Support forums and a responsive team can help with the larger learning curve.

When individuals are in search of a new program to meet their needs, it often boils down to these three. The final decision depends on what the primary concern is. Persons that are working on a budget and are more concerned with affordability often go with the program by Apache. It is free and great for getting basic jobs done.

Those that hear the words “reveal codes” and instantly get excited usually opt for Word Perfect, as this is the sole program that offers reveal codes. Consumers that are all about the final product being the perfect image of perfection often opt for Microsoft’s 365 version, and then look for a support team in case something happens.