Features of the electronic drum

Drum set

There has never been a more beautiful invention in music than the electronic drums. These days, drums have become everyone’s go for. Guitarists and bassist even want to try this new drum sets. According to best drummers in the world, the digital drum sets are just the best and easy to learn a form of drums ever seen. Since it, an alternative to a full drum set the drums to come in handy for almost everyone in the music industry. One amazing drum set with beautiful features is the Ppyle-Pro pted01 electronic drum.


Electric drum This drum kit is an all in one wonder according to those who have used it. It is customizable portable and lightweight, so you are guaranteed you will get what you need. It has seven pads with touch sensitivity for accurate response. It has 215 percussion voices. The internal speakers coupled up with percussive rhymes will give you the experience you will enjoy.

Kick pedals

It also comes with kick pedals, so you are guaranteed to get a good feeling if hit hat pedal or kick drum. The drum set will function well in any of your favorite computer software.
ThePpyle-Pro pted01 electronic drum can also run on batteries as well as electricity. With this drum set, you are guaranteed to have just the best time of your life in music.

What makes it unique?

The Ppyle-Pro pted01 electronic drum is probably unique among electronic drums. The drums have an LCD screen and many audio configuration controls. With such features, you will be able to customize your music quickly. As soon as you set up your pads and save the presets, you can record your drum solo just by hitting the record button. The drums are also unique due to their portability. As said earlier the drums can run using batteries and have an AC adapter.

Additional features

The drum kit has lots of fun features that distinguish it from other drum kits. Some of the features are:

  • Metronome: 2 Voices
  • 2 Foot Pedals and 7 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity
  • (6) “C” Batteries and DC 12V Adaptor
  • Capable of Inputting/Outputting MIDI Data
  • 128 GM Voices, 8M Bytes Voice Data, 215 Percussion Voices
  • Dimensions:(L x W x H) 500mm x 370mm x 157mm – 19.6″ x 14.5″ x 6.1″


Electric drum pads If you are a music lover, you will probably love this new instrument. Judging by its popularity, we can conclude that the drum sets is a love of many people. For a starter it is will be the drum set that will make you love music. After all, nothing is more satisfying than good music.