A Guide to Buying Generators


When it comes to buying fuel generators, knowing the exact machine to purchase can be quite the challenge. This article seeks to make your buying decision a smooth one by discussing some of the best tips for buying a fuel generator.



If your generator is going to be constantly moved around, you need to either acquire one, which is lightweight for more comfortable movement. Under this tip, the issue of frames comes in as one can even use the generator’s frame as a handle when carrying it.

The Sockets

Most fuel generators have an infinite number of sockets. However, it would be such a shame if you got a great generator with a powerful engine, but the type of sockets do not meet your requirements. First and foremost, you need to know the number of sockets that you may need. If you use for the generator will be infrequent (for instance casual jobs), then one socket is enough for you If your job is more demanding (commercial purposes), then you will need more sockets since different equipment may be plugged in regularly.

Running Time

A common misconception is that the size of your generator’s fuel tank determines the run time of the machine. One needs to understand that the larger the fuel tank, the larger the energy output, meaning your engine will also be working much harder. It is for this reason that you should compare the maximum running times instead of the tank sizes. This will enable you to get that realistic figure regarding how long the generator can run.

Power Output

This is the most important aspect of buying dual fuel portable generator, as it is equivalent to the amount of power produced. You can determine the figure by approximating the total wattage used as a result of your combined appliances. Once you have calculated the total value, add about 500 to 1000 watts on top of what you have. This not only gives you headroom for new equipment but also means that one can confidently use any equipment, which may have a higher start-up requirement. The first step is to determine the requirement for the generator’s daily use. Keep in mind that you cannot keep more than ten appliances plugged on to the generator at once.

The Generator’s Frame

Most people tend to overlook the frame factor without realizing that the generator’s frame plays an important role in reducing noise. Frames also protect your generator from bumps, which may occur at the working site. The larger the frame diameter, the better. It is recommended that you go for powder-coated frames as this offer the best protection.


In conclusion, Finding the best generator should not be too hard. All you have to do is take your time to do proper research, and you will end up acquiring a durable machine to be used for years to come.