What to Look for in the Best Drones to Purchase in 2018

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Drones or quad-copters as they are commonly referred are remote controlled flying devices. These devices present their users with a new and adventurous way of looking and observing the sceneries around you. Most of the best drones to purchase in 2018 will undoubtedly provide FPV (First Person Viewing) thereby giving exhilarating views of the scenes you are capturing. In addition to being used for photography, drones can also be used for fun by competing in drone air show and performing tricks/stunts. Some of the features to look for in drones to buy in 2018 include:

Skill Level

In line with the developments and advancements that have taken place in the drone sector, the new drones for 2018 will most likely feature a wide range of sophisticated features. Due to this, there is need to consider your skill level when shopping for a new drone. This is because when you buy a drone that is beyond your skill level, it might quite hard for you to use and fly the drone efficiently. It is advisable that you hone your drone flying skills gradually by mastering one skill at a time.

Drone with camera

Flight Time

Flight time refers to the length of time that a drone can fly on one charge. Flight time differs from one drone to the other and is dependent on factors such as weight, flying maneuvers, and battery size. In 2018, it will be beneficial and economical to purchase drones with long flight times. Presently, most drones have a flight time of approximately 15-20 minutes. Therefore, a drone with a flight time of 25 minutes and over will be a great purchase in 2018. Drones with long flight times are more convenient to use as they do not require constant recharging every few minutes.

Camera Specifications

These days, the specifications in a drone’s camera are as important as the features of the drone. Cheap drones have low-quality cameras that record blurred views and images. As such, it is advisable that in 2018, you should only buy cameras with the best resolution. It is worth noting that just like in other aspects of life, what you pay for is undoubtedly what you get. However, a cheap quality camera is better than no camera at all.


Drone and controller A drone’s controller is crucial in determining the kind of experience you will enjoy when using the drone of choice. As such, in 2018, it is recommendable that you opt for a drone with a powerful controller/transmitter. Opt for controllers that transmit real-time diagnostics of the drone including speed, height, and throttle position. Such controllers make flying drones to be a more enjoyable and lively experience as they also feature built-in display monitors.

After identifying the best drones to buy in 2018, it is advisable that you research on the additional hardware you can consider using the drone. This will make it livelier and more exciting to fly the drone. Such accessories may include an external camera or any preferable hardware. However, when adding equipment to the drone, it is critical to consider manufacturer’s provisions so that you do not overpower the drone.