Advantages Of Evaporative Coolers

evaporating cooler

Not expensive to install

Cooler As compared to a regular air conditioner an evaporative cooler is cheaper to install. Even the highest end evaporative coolers that are significantly cheaper than the regular air conditioner. Click here to learn about coolers at Agilis Technologies.

Minimal operation costs

An evaporative cooler has little operational expenses. The system requires only electricity to power their pumps and units you will pay less by 50% in operational costs monthly. Unlike a regular air conditioner that needs electricity to power up different parts, compressors, air blowers, and pumps.
The repair costs of an evaporative cooler are significantly lower than an air conditioner. The cost of repairing an air conditioner can be relatively higher than a cooler or the same as a cooler.

Low maintenance

The water design and fan motor in evaporative coolers are easily replaced if they get spoilt quickly.

How to maintain

The plan is having the evaporative cooler serviced twice a year. However, the frequency might change depending on the use.

It is simple to keep the evaporative cooler that you can maintain it yourself.

The parts to fix in an evaporative cooler are not costly and sophisticatedly be quite simple.

Maintenance of an evaporative cooler is straight to the point and less time-consuming. A professional who carries out the service is also very budget friendly.

Fresher air

A high consistent flow rate of air in the home eliminates pathogens that cause airborne diseases.

An Evaporative cooler helps to increase humidity which will live your climate dry thus enabling you to breathe better.

The pad in the air cooler also works as a filter capturing pathogens; this helps in keeping off airborne sicknesses.

Overall with fresh air, you are bound to reduce respiratory illness and adds an advantage to someone with asthma. Individuals with asthma need to breathe in clean air because if not it may worsen their condition.

Low carbon dioxide emissions

Carbon dioxide releases other gasses with it. The release of carbon dioxide and rather harmful gasses in the environment has a negative impact on the environment and the people also.
Evaporative coolers are known to emit gasses that contain carbon dioxide rarely. However, the air conditioner releases carbon dioxide and large amounts of it.

Add moisture to the air

Portable air con The functionality of evaporative coolers increases moisture in the air. This is a bonus for people in dryer climates. Unlike an air conditioner that removes air from the environment, removal of air from the atmosphere dries out the skin too.